Federal Agency Program Management

Program Management for Federal Civilian Agencies

Pearl is a one-stop resource for program management for federal government civilian agencies. We have extensive experience and expertise in aligning program goals with people, facilities, processes and technology. In fact, every aspect of Pearl's approach to federal program management is about driving performance, success and results efficiently and cost-effectively.

How we do it comes down to the following:

Pearl customizes a process ideal for your organization’s needs. Our federal government program management services can range from accelerated ramp-up of a contact center, help desk or telehealth service. No matter the program, we leverage best practices that include:

Infrastructure Build Out – We can take your blueprints or plans at your site and make them a reality based on your timing requirements. Fast ramp up of contact centers that handle challenging public-facing services is one of our specialties.

Technology – Determining the most appropriate technology to operate a government program is challenging, and requires experience knowing what mix will make the most sense to meet policy requirements, your guidelines and constituent preferences. Pearl has both the experience and skills needed to acquire and implement the best technology solution.

Workforce Management – Ensuring a contact center, help desk or telehealth service is staffed appropriately to meet surges in activity is essential. Our managers are skilled in recruiting and talent development. They also have the ability to navigate the intricacies that come with balancing seasonal activity and normal call volume.

Oversight and Governance – Our team of experts provide strategic oversight of every program to ensure that every project, task or team works seamlessly together. This oversight also ensures we can adapt quickly to surges and other challenges that could impact outcomes.

Communications – We believe strong communications result in better performance. Our transparent and team-oriented approach to communication ensures clarity surrounding roles, desired outcomes and ensuring appropriate information is delivered in a timely manner.

Performance Tracking and Analytics – We get Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) deliverables and design our performance tracking and analytics around your specifications. Reports are customized, based on your desired formats, frequency and analytics.

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