Pearl TLC Telehealth Service


Pearl TLC Telehealth Services Expands Access to Care

Government agencies and commercial enterprises throughout the United States are seeking new ways to bridge the gap in providing quality access to healthcare to all populations in the face of healthcare workforce shortages and rising costs. Pearl TLC was developed to provide government agencies and commercial enterprises with a comprehensive solution to expand access to quality healthcare, manage costs and create jobs.

Designed to improve clinical outcomes, enhance quality of life and manage the costs of care, Pearl TLC combines patient-centered personalized care management services with innovative remote health and home monitoring technology. It is especially effective for proactive management of complex and chronic health conditions for hard to reach populations.

Why Pearl TLC is the Ideal Telehealth Solution for Government Agencies and Commercial Enterprises

Pearl TLC for State Government AgenciesPearl TLC opens doors to new job opportunities while providing healthcare access to hard-to-reach populations. Pearl leverages its expertise in program management and contact center staffing and collaborates with state, county and local community-based organizations to recruit, train and retain a skilled workforce to support the needs of residents managing chronic conditions.

Pearl TLC for Federal Government AgenciesA solution to providing access to care in hard-to-reach rural, tribal, Alaskan native or urban populations, Pearl TLC leverages its federal program management expertise while utilizing the telehealth technology to more effectively manage costs.

Pearl TLC for Commercial Enterprises - Realizing the need for supportive care and remote monitoring services to extend beyond federal and state government, Pearl TLC can easily be adapted to support the needs of non-governmental agencies and insurance brokers serving rural, urban and tribal populations.

How it Works

No matter where the patient with chronic care conditions is located, Pearl TLC provides 24x7x365 access to care via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. Experienced nurse case managers and support care coordinators are actively involved in every aspect of care — providing the patient a convenient, go-to resource they can use to help manage their condition.

1. Proactive Patient Engagement
  • Convenient ability to check vital signs remotely without the need to visit a clinic or doctor through the use of telemanagement devices
  • Real-time monitoring of activity
  • 24/7 HIPAA-compliant video conferencing to promote patient engagement, socialization and patient monitoring
  • Physician engagement to ensure adherence to treatment plans
  • Pharmacy management to monitor utilization and ensure timely refills as needed
2. Responsive Care Management
  • Services include coordination of social determinants of care such as arranging doctor’s visits, home health, social worker visits, transportation, physical therapy and meal delivery
  • Consultation with primary care physicians, specialists and pharmacists to respond to patient needs and intervene quickly on potential issues

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